Uses of Photonics in Construction

As photonics is around us everywhere, it is not surprising that construction industry is benefiting nowadays from it as well. Photonics provides techniques that allow accurate, fast and automatic leveling and range finding as never before. Moreover, various optical and photonic sensing techniques measure all the types of properties that are necessary to be known during the construction phase. Smart and very eye-catching lighting is the emerging industry in building construction industry.

Finally, all the modern building installations are vastly equipped by different sensors and optical fibres that make our lives easier and safer.

Advanced building lighting

Different scanners

Various scanners like UV, VIS, IR, 3D are used for invisible crack and other anomaly detection in building structures and similar. Moreover, 3D scanning is adapted to building industry reconstruction purposes or in order to quickly get the exact shape of some part in the digital version.

Fire–smoke detectors, signalization

Photonics is applied in the fire, smoke and any kind of other gas detection in buildings as it provides ultra-high accuracy and detection of minimum amounts of chemicals.

Mechanical properties measurement


Above we have presented few examples of photonic systems that have been developed in construction. Photonics has an immense potential which is still largely unused. Researches are going on. The whole world is looking for new technology which is safer, cheaper, quicker and durable.