Lower Secondary

Basic research and technology in Life Photonics

Understanding Power of Light and Light Technologies will enhance the quality of Living and Life. Young school students learning about optics and Photonic (light) sciences and technologies will help create sustainable life and living for all on planet earth.  

Photonics Opportunity to School & Students

What is Danano PinS?

Photonics in School (PinS) is education outreach program, an initiative of Danano Photonics. Why Danano PinS? We are entering photonics era. The photonics technology is key enabling technology. The future economy, industry, and business require today's young minds with photonics talent and skills, the workforce of tomorrow.

Why schools should participate?

Today's students are tomorrow's workforce. The core of Industry 4.0 is cyber-physical systems. Optics and photonics technologies will drive the engine of economy and industry of tomorrow. It is a role and responsibility of every school to provide an opportunity to their students the leading edge of tomorrow's world today.

How can school participate in PinS initiative?

Schools sign up for our Danano PinS initiative. The knowledge transfer fees by school engage Danano Photonics to share their knowledge and talent to educate and train young curious minds. What are the services the school will receive from us?

The school will be eligible for expert designed photonics education kit, lectures and practical activities engaged with additional cost to the school. What is the duration of Danano PinS contract with school? One year. The school will renew the contract annually with nominal fees.


Photonics is the key enabling technology of future economy, industry, and business.