Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) has been developed by the research company at Danano Photonics, Bangalore based Photonics Technology, and therefore there is a lot of thin electronic circuit microprocessor and information storage capacity. If there is even a lesser thickness than human, otherwise the students of the school will be benefited by electronic chip, and students are able to identify cards with electronic circuits.

Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) is also a mix of micro-microprocessor and data storage and tracking facilities. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) Mobile, computer or anyone else has the ability to connect to the device due to which it is possible to tabulate students with the ability to store and store basic information about students. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) is extremely thin and can be used with the help of students in the process of simulating the uniforms of the students. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) Waterproof washing will not cause any problems. It is possible to use electronic circuits like thin lipids to be used in uniforms.

Comparison of Flexible Integrated Circuits (Flex 1C) and Silicon Chip

Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) is very easy to use in comparison to the silicon chip, and reduces the cost ten times less compared to the silicon stick. Although silicon chip is the main component of alternative electronic devices, the Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) will definitely save the cost. It is going to be very easy to find the children in the case of kidnapping of a flexible integrated circuit (Flex 1C) in the school uniform.

While investing in Silicon Chip Identity, the cost was increasing, but now it is going to be beneficial due to the Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex IC). Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex IC) is a thin circuit with silicon chip, and easy to connect with processing spid and storage capacity and other devices (mobile, computer) is easy to connect.

Benefits of Students

  • 1.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) Students are not required to have identity cards, because of their ability to engage in uniform.
  • 2.In the event of kidnapping of students in the event of hijacking, the police will be able to find the place where the student is currently located with GPS technology assistance.
  • 3.There is the possibility of obtaining identification card from students, but Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) will remain a part of the uniform, due to loss, missing or stolen things.
  • Parent Benefit

  • 1.Reduce parent care concerns.
  • 2.All the information related to any school program, parent meeting and card related information will be available to the parents on mobile.
  • 3.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) means that due to the system of mid¬tracking system it would be possible for the parents to go to school after getting their children out of the house and also tracking them at home.
  • School Benefits

  • 1.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) students will spend the cost of setting up the school's identity card due to the problem of shifting them in uniform.
  • 2.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) It is easy for the school to manage the information due to the basic information of the middle schools.
  • 3.If students are going to school, then students will be admitted to a school in order to reduce the number of complaints related to the students.
  • 4.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) will release the school from taking daily attendance of students. After admission to the school, students will be able to scan students by scanning the students with the help of the reader assistance.
  • 5.The school will be able to send some information about the program, the Parent Fair and the students to the parents, and the school will be able to get one click. (With the support of computer software, it can be possible to send messengers all the time together)
  • 6.It will be possible for the school to collect information in the computer by scheduling the annual program of the school.
  • 7.It will be possible for the school to maintain supervision on all school children.
  • 8.If the school is able to set up safety zone for schools, it is possible to get a student alert immediately within the time of the school's safety cabin.
  • 9.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) will keep all the information of the students, and due to the high potential of scanning readers.
  • 10.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) is the capability of data processing faster than the silicon chip, with the thickness of electronic circuits being more than human hair. High processor and information storage capacity will make it easier for the school to manage all basic information related to school students. Because of electronic circuit detour in the uniform of the student, the incidents of identification or theft of identity cards will be put on hold. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) wili be able to connect with any electronic device faster and it will be possible to exchange information in a fast way.
  • Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) Feature

  • 1.Extra thickness than human hair
  • 2.Extremely flexible, transparent and durable
  • 3.Water proof fixture can be used to simulate flexible integrated circuits (flex 1C) in the uniform of the student
  • 4.Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) does not require any external access for protection
  • 5.Very cheap compared to silicon chips
  • 6.Facilitating tracking of students
  • 7.Quick information transfer capability as well as fast connectivity to any electronic device

Photonic id Compute

Use the computer software to use the Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) to collect and transfer information. Software set up by Danano Photonics is very fast with the help of all hardware and information collection and transfer software. With the help of mobile app and computer software, all information relating to students is safe and fast due to the fact that school, parent, and student are all beneficial.

Danano Photonics ID

Silicon chip-based current products include proprietary capacitive identification and LF, HF radio frequency identification (RFID) protocol, used to find very low quality. The current development focuses on Field Communications (NFC) for direct communication with modern smartphones. The products in the future will also develop UHF, RFID and additional protocals for communication with smartphones and other electronic devices. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C), which has been designed by Danano Photonics, has been able to connect all the information related to the information to mobile, computer and other electronics devices. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) The medium sensor system will also be able to give information to the students due to the impediment, giving some signals to the parents of the emergency, due to the flexibility of Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) in the uniform of the students. Flexible integrated circuit (Flex 1C) interactive interface designed by Danano Photonics has the ability to detect touch, light, vibration, temperature or temperature. Flexible integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) Identification can be done in a systematic manner in the areas and within the uniforms of the students. If it is difficult for small children to handle identity cards, it would be very beneficial to put them in the clothes. Flexible Integrated Circuit (Flex 1C) is a waterproof and not requires external protection. This technology is very useful and convenient for all schools, parents and students.