Photonics Education

In an endeavor to make students embrace photonics and to make it an integral part of academics, Danano Photonics in its flagship programme in the education sector commits to introduce ‘Photonics Education Programme’ in schools across India. The programme has already been articulated and implemented world over except India. The programme is being operated under the supervision of Danano Photonics – an institution with a mission to introduce photonics education in schools across India. The education progarmme aims at bringing a notable change among students in their approach towards the science of optic and photonics, since the field has been proving to be underpinning many areas of technology in the prevailing time.

Keeping that in mind, Danano Photonics while opening doors to new opportunities has kick started the programme across length and breadth of the country. The programme involves reaching a broad audience of students from primary to secondary standard in a commitment to reshape their lives. It is being welcomed by schools across India with open arms. The terms of agreement will be communicated to the schools on how to be part of the programme wherein installation of photonics laboratories and other facilities will also be made available as per the agreement.