Two times the energy output

approximately little higher cost of traditional photovoltaic panels.

Photon Concentrating Panels ®

Photon Concentrating Panels® are solar generating systems a dramatic departure and improvement over traditional Solar Panels.

Due to its higher efficiency, Photon Concentrating Panels®can produce up to two times the clean energy each day for approximately the same cost of traditional photovoltaic panels.

Significantly less space is required for Photon Concentrating Panels®than that for PV panels, lessening negative environmental and visual impact. The system is not only scalable but also expandable for growing needs. As technological improvements are made, Photon Concentrating Panel's upgradable power modules, a first in the industry, allow owners to maintain maximum system performance for many years.

Photon Concentrating Panels ® Systems can be assembled by the do-it-yourself consumer or professional installer.

Photon Concentrating Panels ® requires no roof penetrations thereby minimizing roof maintenance and installation problems.

Photon Concentrating Panels ® can even be easily moved should a home or business owner choose to relocate.

Rather than lying on a roof waiting for the sun to reach a certain elevation, each Photon Concentrating Panels®system tracks the sun from sunup to sundown each day for more daily output.


Photon Concentrating Panels® is powered by the Company's Collaborated license technology.

Photon Concentrating Panels® dual-axis tracking, concentrating photovoltaic array is capable of producing 3 to 4 kilowatts of electricity for more hours daily than any non-tracking, low concentrating photovoltaic array.

Photon Concentrating Panels®footprint and weight are fractions of that of traditional photovoltaic panel systems and can be mounted on the ground or many flat roof locations with no roof penetration required.